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Energy Healing Therapy

A Unique Recovery Process for the Mind-Body-Soul
The Emotion Code technique helps people to release trapped emotions, traumas, old limiting beliefs and negative mental programming that had got trapped in the body. When people have negative trapped emotions this can cause fatigue and physically weigh a person down; causing lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, illness and more. When we release the past- we can live more fully in the present moment- allowing us to be able to experience greater love, inner peace and profound joy. This process accelerates the process of attracting and creating your true heart’s desires.
The Body Code technique uses an app that provides a detailed map of the physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body as a whole system. This whole system: mind-body-soul, needs to work together in balance in order to be in a state of true health and wellbeing. This comprehensive program helps me to locate specific core reasons of the underlying causes of illness or lack of emotional wellbeing. This program uncovers inherited trapped illnesses as well as inherited trapped emotional issues. Once cleared, it is also cleared from your children and grandchildren.
This technique is done using a form of kinesiology combined with a skill of tuning-in to the different energies in and around a person that cause both positive and negative effects. During sessions, I can connect to a person’s higher-self and uncover core reasons of what is blocking them from fully recovering or what is blocking them from moving forward with their lives. Once the causes are found, we then move into releasing, repairing, rebalancing the problems energetically using a hands on or hands over process.
For more information, testimonials, or to contact Margaret:
Phone: 607-229-8626
Credentials and Experience:
Over 20 Years’ Experience in Holistic Wellness
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Body Code Practitioner
Certified Life Purpose Coach
Masters in Transpersonal Psychology
Creator and Teacher of Soul Writing, Discover Your Life Purpose, and Inner Wisdom Guided Meditations

Chakra Clearing & Rebalancing
w/ Emotion Code/Body Code Technique